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Do I need to patch test my hair?
Q: Why must I always do a patch test before I colour my hair?

A: We always recommend you do a patch test… Read more

What is the best way to apply hair colour?
Q: What is the best technique to applying my
hair colour at home?

A: You can download hair colour instructions… Read more

Beach hair
Q: I’m just back from holiday and my hair colour faded so much in the sun, what’s the best way to get it shiny again?

A: The sun can play havoc with your hair colour… Read more

Stray grey hairs
Q: I have just noticed a few grey hairs coming through – how can I cover these?

A: The new hair colour foams are amazing and… Read more

I want to dye my hair red.
Q: I’m tempted to change my hair colour to red. How do I choose the right shade?

A: Red is a big trend shade right now… Read more

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