A face cream or moisturiser provides a protective layer against the environment, while loading skin with repairing and plumping ingredients such as Q10 and Retinol, as found in our Derma Intensive range. Follow these expert application tips to make your skin glow.

Tip 1Step one

Always apply on freshly cleansed, toned and slightly damp skin. Straight after your bath or shower is perfect, so not to let your skin dry out completely as skin is more receptive to active ingredients.


Tip 3
Step three

Apply a small amount of moisturiser to your neck. Massage in an upward stroking motion, until it’s fully absorbed.

Tip 2Step two

Dab a tiny blob of cream on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Then start at your right or left cheek, gently massage the moisturiser into your skin using small, circular strokes. Continue to your chin, other cheek and forehead, then down to your nose. Massage the moisturiser in until it’s fully absorbed.


Tip 4
Step four

Allow a few minutes for your cream to absorb before applying foundation and make-up.

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