The warm, balmy days are fading fast, but you can still keep that summery feeling…

Tip 1Face Glow

Keep that healthy, just got back from holiday glow with a B.B. Cream – these clever skin miracle products provide a little skin coverage, daily skin protection, hydration and deliver radiance boosting ingredients, so skin looks instantly dewy.


Tip 2
Body Love

Skin that’s been exposed to the sun, sea and swimming pools can be hydrated and look dull and flaky. Turn lack luster skin all smooth and soft again by using a rich body cream. Try Derma Intensive + Double Moisturising Lotion, £1.39 from Tesco.


Tip 3Hair Repair

Give post holiday hair a quick colour pick me up. Restore faded colour with Colour Inspirations Foam, £2.65 from Wilkinson. It’s quick and easy to use and will leave hair colour shiny and lustrous looking.

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