Skin can really suffer when the temperature drops. Follow our top tips to help keep your glow going…

Tip 1Make Sure You Moisturise

Cold, wind and central heating all dry skin out, so a good moisturiser can prevent this, keeping it soft and healthy looking. Moisturisers also act as a barrier against attack from allergens and pollutants. For daily use in a city it’s a good idea to use a day cream with a sunscreen. Try Derma Intensive SPF15 Day Cream, from Tesco.


Tip 2
Use a Night Cream

Experts agree that using a night cream is a skin essential, especially during the winter months. These super rich creams help repair proteins in the skin, encouraging cell renewal and help repair daily skin damage. Try Pro Derma Innovations Night Cream, available from Wilkinson.


Tip 3Protect Lips Too

Lips have few sebaceous glands so are extra prone to dryness. Lips balms act like barriers to keep moisture in and stop drying elements such as cold, wind getting through to the lips. Avoid flakiness by regularly applying a lip balm try Derma Intensive Lip Balms (pack of 3), from Tesco.


Tip 4Helping Hands

Aside from exposure to cold, constantly dipping your hands in water and washing up can also dry them out. Regularly using a hand cream acts as a barrier to help prevent moisture loss and keep hands hydrated. Slather on lots after washing hands or exposure to cold to keep skin hydrated. For extra soft hands try Derma Intensive Nourishing and Protecting Hand & Nail Cream, available from Tesco.

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