Top Tips For Colouring Your Hair For The First Time

We’d all love to have shiny, flowing hair and getting perfect colour coverage shouldn’t be difficult. To ensure the best colour results just use these easy-to-remember tips:

  • Always conduct a skin allergy test 48 hours before dying hair.
  • Dry or brittle hair is more porous than conditioned hair. It is vital to do a strand test before colouring hair to determine the development time to reach your desired shade.
  • Hair that is longer than shoulder length may require two to three boxes of dye for full hair coverage.
  • A build-up of styling products such as wax, hairspray or oils can prevent hair colour from working effectively. To ensure the best colour results, apply colour to hair that is clean and dry.
  • Avoid shampoo the day before the colouring your hair. The scalps natural oils will protect it from chemicals and irritation.
  • Do not colour your hair if it is badly damaged or if you’re trying to fix a hair colour mistake – see a professional!
  • To prevent staining on skin use Vaseline around the hairline and a brush to touch up roots. These are available in most drugstores.
  • If you are looking for a dramatic change, such as brown to blonde we recommend visiting a professional hairdresser.


Going red from a dark shade requires pre-lightening; red takes better on naturally light hair!

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