Changing your hair colour is never an easy task. When choosing a hair colour, the most natural looking ones are hues that suit your skin tone and facial features. Your skin and natural hair colour have the same underlying pigments so it is likely that you will best suit a colour two levels lighter or two levels darker than your natural hair colour.

Your skin tone can be determined by the colour of your blood vessels. Under light, if blood vessels appear green this indicates a warm tone while blue blood vessels indicate a cool skin tone. Generally, cooler skin tones suit warmer colours such as golden or caramel blonde, chocolate brunette and red, and warmer skin tones suit cooler colours such as ash brown, dark red and dark brunette. Brunette shades can be made warmer to suite paler skin tones.

You can also select hair colour shades based on the colour of your eyes. Green eyes suit light, bright coppers and golden shades as do hazel-coloured eyes. Blue suits most blonde shades and light browns such as burgundy and mahogany. Brown eyes are most suited to dark brunette and red shades.

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