Monochrome colour
This summer’s trend is about ditching those highlights and opting for a uniform shade. There is no particular colour direction for this trend – we’re seeing it across the colour spectrum from blondes to brunettes. Think Kendall Jenner, Katie Holmes and Anne Hathaway who have substituted complicated colour for sleek, glossy brunette locks. For darker shades this is the easiest trend to achieve at home. Simply apply Salon Sensation 3.0 Dark Brown and voila!


Celebrities like Perrie Edwards, Ellie Goulding and Nicole Richie have all been seen rocking this unusual but individualistic trend. Achieve this look with the Simply Bright range. Bleach hair with Ultimate Blonde to get a platinum colour then follow with Simply Bright Cool Silver permanent colour to get your sought-after silver do. However, going grey may take a lot of effort and we advise that darker hair requires a trip to your hairdresser.


Caramel Blonde
When we think of caramel we think ‘sweet’ and rich’ and this is exactly how we would describe this shade. This shade works best on those with light complexions and a yellow or golden tinge as worn by Karlie Kloss and Diane Kruger. After this gorgeous colour? Use Simply Bright Iced Caramel for an ashy, cool take on the colour or if you’re looking for a slightly darker shade opt for Salon Sensation 5.46 Warm Golden Brown.


Platinum continues to be one of the top trends for the season. This classic colour is a perfect summer shade adaptable to all hair styles whether it be a short, edgy bob or long beach waves. The trick to platinum blonde hair is that it has to be a cool shade or extremely blonde to pull it off well. Look at Christina Aguilera, January Jones and Poppy Delvigne for colour inspiration. Platinum also best suits cool skin tones. We recommend using Simply Bright Platinum Queen or Colour Inspirations+ Natural Extra Light Blonde to get the look.


Red is the must-have colour of the year. Although it can be considered a huge risk because it is a statement colour there is a shade to suit everyone from warm auburn to rich copper. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and Florence Welsh have experimented with red tones for bright, eye-catching looks. Have colour envy? Choose between Salon Sensation 6.52 Morello Red, Simply Bright Red Alert or Simply Bright Secret Scarlet to find the best shade for you. Keep in mind that red hair requires lots of colour maintenance and fades faster than other colours so be prepared for more frequent colour touch ups.

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