Grey hair is not a different type of hair, instead it occurs when the hair cells produce less melanin. Grey hair is more porous and dry and therefore has a different texture to non-grey hair which may make colouring more difficult. Fortunately all products at M&R have grey coverage so all you have to do is follow these tips to keep your grey at bay!

  • Permanent colour is the best for grey hair and when applying the dye concentrate on the grey areas first. If you’re using a permanent colour is it likely that instead of recolouring your whole head you will only have to touch up your roots.
  • The more grey hairs you have, the lighter the shade will appear. Neutral shades are the best for colouring grey. We recommend using the Salon Sensation range for a natural-looking colour.
  • Your skin tone can also become paler as grey hair increases and you should consider this when selecting your colour. We recommend going one shade darker than your natural colour to ensure full grey coverage.

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