Permanent Colour
Permanent colour dyes are absorbed into the hair follicle and the hair’s natural shade is lifted due to the inclusion of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Permanent colours do not wash out but will eventually fade over time which makes them the best choice for grey hair or a more dramatic change. When using a permanent colour you will need to touch up root regrowth every 4 to 8 weeks so when selecting a colour, find one that blends well with your regrowth. Permanent colours are best removed with a colour remover – we advise visiting your hairdresser.

Semi-Permanent Colour
Semi-Permanent colour contains small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia so the colour is only partially absorbed by the hair shaft and causes less hair damage. These shades result in a more natural colour results that generally last up to 4 to 6 weeks. A semi-permanent colour can be used for blending grey but will not necessarily cover it

Temporary Colour
Temporary colour provides a temporary effect as it does not stain the hair. The colour is removed by shampooing and typically will last between 2 and 10 washes. Temporary colour comes in a variety of forms such as foams, sprays, rinses and gels. It is important to remember that although these colours are temporary if the hair follicle is damaged these colours can stain the hair.

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